Hello World, my name is Amit Kulkarni. I started programming in 6th grade and continue to do so today. As of now, I currently attend Alpharetta High School.

I do most of my work on the web with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. To publish the site, I use Github (view the repository on the bottom of the page), since I don't have my own domain yet. Make sure to also see my other profiles on other websites.

In the future, I am going to learn Swift, Java, and C++ to develop mobile apps and desktop apps. In addition, I am currently experimenting with node.js and php in order to create cookies and login pages.

In essence, thanks for visiting my website! Please email me your feedback or suggestions that I can do to improve this website.

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Hello and welcome to my home page! Here you can view my projects, learn more about me, or contact me

My Projects

You can view more of my projects on Codepen